I will have three "teeny tiny" framed 9 x 9"s available for purchase during this annual show in Charlottesville. See below for more information. All works in the entire show price at $100!  



For the month of June I will have an assortment of small and large pieces showing at Kenny Ball Design. 


I've delivered a handful of pieces to this gorgeous gallery space.  Lynchburg area residents be sure to pop in! 



Its back! With its first spring salon in 3 years! April 26- April 30th, in partnership with Slate Interiors. I will be sending 5 pieces. So much good art . Charlotte locals don't miss this!

April 29- May 6. Again just SO. MUCH. GOOD. ART. You will want it all. I will have 4-5 pieces there. 



Throught Mid- 2023. Work from all branches of https://artistcollectives.org/. will be on display at The Charleston Place.